SEN LIGHTS Corporation was founded in Osaka in 1965 as a developer and manufacturer of laser products. However, laser was discovered in 1960, and as stated on our home page introduction, our laser business never took off.
After that, in 1973 in reply to demands from the semiconductor silicon wafer industry, we developed high efficiency low wavelength UV lights (low pressure mercury lights).
The intended use was the sterilization of water. This was how we started out with UV. Sterilization products have an even older history than UV - being on the market for over 150 years. Sterilization lights were designed as a product by GE in the US in 1938, making them already more than 80 years old. Next, they were used for UV hardening, with products first being made for this purpose in the 1960s.
In recent years the number and scope of the uses of UV technologies has broadened:

1. Ozone generation and disintegration
2. Fish breeding water sterilization (aquaculture, aquariums)
3. Inducement of spawning in shellfish (abalone, bloody clams, noble scallops)
4. Processing of hard to decompose harmful gases (VOCs, etc.)
5. Erasure of records on semiconductor memory
6. UV light source on measurement instruments (ozone densitometer, water quality monitor, etc.)
7. Advanced dry UV ozone cleaning
8. Dry UV surface reformation (adhesive improver)
9. Lubricant for the surface of HDD disks (UV curing)
10. Accelerated Oxidation for treatment of water (Advanced water treatment)

Although use in inducement of spawning in shellfish is an interesting topic, the water for inducement of the spawning must be very low and therefore the process never proved commercially viable, a fate of other uses too.
The business goals moving forward revolve around “Dry UV Ozone Cleaning” and “Dry UV Ozone Surface Processing”. With a solid foundation of human resources and funding capacity, we also have our sights set strongly on the “Advanced Oxidation Process” (advanced water purification). The creation of LED (light emitting diodes). The light industry is under a period of changing over to LED, but what will become of the UV industry? To go straight to the point, the two will coexist as there are prominent merits and demerits of both electrical discharging lights and UV-LEDs. As a specialist supplier of UV products over many years, our firm will also adopt UV-LED lights into our product range.
In-house production of our UV lights is difficult, and having just this product lineup, has not resulted in business performance. The reason for this is the selection of an inadequate business model. We have already been in business for more than 50 years. Taking the business model we have used up until now into account, and reflecting on the mistakes in our business model, we will be born again - pushing forward with a brand new reformed model.