Company Overview

Corporate Information

Company SEN LIGHTS Corporation
Capital 25.6 million yen
Head office 1-5-23 Hashirii, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka,
561-0891 JAPAN
FAX +81(0)6-6857-3468
Directors Kikuchi Kiyoshi (Representative Director)
Kikuchi Seiichiro (Director)
Major banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Japan Finance Corporation
Membership of professional institutions Osaka Science & Technology Center
0saka Nuclear Science Association
The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
OSAKA Research and Development Company Association
The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan
Japan Society on Water Environment
The Surface Finishing Society of Japan
Japan Ozone Association
Japan UV Water Treatment Technology Association
Japan Aquatic Landscape Association
The Society for Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents, Japan
The Japanese Photochemistry Association
RadTech Japan



Jul – The company was established in Senriyama (the origin of the SEN in our name) with the goal of developing and manufacturing gas laser equipment. Capital stock: 1.6 million yen


HeNe gas laser, CO2 laser, CN laser, and Ar lasers were developed but due to the timing being too early, commercialization was not possible.

1973 Top class for Japan, the low voltage mercury lamp, SUV110D, was developed. This marked the point where the company started its involvement in the UV field.

Received a grant from Osaka Prefecture for the development of new technology and products, started development of UV ozone simultaneous production control for use as low voltage mercury lamp.

1976 Developed uzon – a UV ozone and water processing unit. This marked the company entering the water treatment field.

Aug – Obtained patent for UV ozone water processing unit


Obtained permission from Kanagawa Prefecture to put to practical use the Kanagawa Industrial Research Institute developed “Light Ozone Oxidation Sewerage Processing Unit” for a new purpose. The relative importance of water processing equipment increased


Received High-technology Industry Training loan from Osaka Prefecture
Theme: Development of UV light sources for use in the manufacturing process of semiconductors etc. This marked the start of our participation in the light surface processing field


Increase in capital, capital stock becomes 6.4million yen


Technology Kaizen grant received from Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Theme: Removal of organochlorine compounds from sewerage using light ozone

Entrusted by Hitachi Machine Engineering to develop marine organism stain prevention device


Constructed current HQ factory


Acquired patent: Device to prevent adhesion of aquatic life to equipment used in seawater, etc.
Patent Rights: SEN LIGHTS Corporation, Hitachi Kikai Engineering Co. Ltd.

1995 Increase in Capital. Capital stock becomes 25.6 million yen.
48 million yen worth of convertible bond notes issued, underwritten by Daiwa Bank Investment Co. Ltd.

December – Authorized under the Creative Business Ventures Promotion law of Osaka Prefecture
Theme: Development of oxidation water processing device that combines three underlying technologies, UV, oxidant and activated carbon

2000 Feb – Obtained CE Marking
April – Commenced sales of mini-BioClean
Nov – Acquired patent: Method to reform metal surfaces

Jan – Established Tokyo Sales Office
May  – Obtained ISO14001
July – Received grant for industry-academic collaborative research from Osaka Business Development Agency Inc.
Theme: New decolorization system by using a combination of ultrasound device in conjunction with UV ozone disintegrating device

2002 Small to Medium Enterprise Finance Corporation   Selected for special loan for growing business (2002 Inaugural Osaka)

Performed collaborative industry-academic research with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Theme: Research into practical use of Vacuum UV adhesion devices
Period: April 1st, 2003 to March 31st, 2004


Signed agreement to conduct research into the development of new technologies dealing with discharge tubes with the Center for Advanced Science and Innovation, Osaka University


Commenced sales of desktop excimer devices


Received grant for verified business in service, commerce, manufacturing from Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
Theme: Development and production system creation of extreme UV light source for use in cleaning / reforming


Selected by Osaka Prefecture for the Monozukuri Innovation Support Project
Theme: Development of Extreme UV equipped light surface processing device for use in cleaning and reforming

2017 Selected by Osaka Prefecture for the Monozukuri Innovation Support Project
Theme: Development of Xe flash lamp-equipped UV sterilization device, sterilization through light emission pulses.
2018 Selected by Osaka Prefecture for the Monozukuri Innovation Support Project
Theme: Development of Deep UV UV-LED-equipped running water sterilization device