Company Overview

Fundamental Principle
At SEN LIGHTS Corporation we consider environmental conservation as an activity of utmost importance in assisting in conserving all life on earth and humans. As a corporation we have made a public and open commitment to environmental conservation, promoting environmental conservation through the development of technologies that put to use the resources of Earth; our basic principle is to contribute through the economizing and recycling of resources used in production activities.
Fundamental Environmental Policy
  1. In order to attain our Fundamental Environmental Policy, we have implemented and maintain an environmental management system based on ISO14001.
  2. On top of observing laws and regulations related to the environment, we enact as necessary self-imposed measures, improving our environmental conservation performance.
  3. We contribute to societal efforts through the development of products and technologies that reduce hazardous effects on the environment, including the reuse of water and reduction of energy used at production sites.
  4. With regards to environmental conservation measures we undertake in our business activities, in each step of our production and packing processes we endeavor to lower our use of resources, and to recover and reuse our manufactured goods, and promote reduction in our production of waste, and to reuse resources.
  5. In order to accomplish our Environmental Conservation Policy, environmental goals and targets, as well as timely reviews, we are making continuous improvements to our system, including our CEO, the ISO promotion executive office, yearly plan progress committee, each business unit, and every employee being encouraged to be active in environmental management.
  6. To make the Fundamental Principle a certainty, we are committed to the establishment and execution of effective activities.
  7. For the management of our Environmental Conservation Policy, and for all employees and our company and all of the people who work for us, we make them aware, and as necessary have the policy openly available for external stakeholders.